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Upturned nose
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Upturned nose

Upturned nose is also a special nasal shape of oriental people, and Westerners call it the "short nose." In terms of the appearance of upturned nose, when viewing from the front side, the entire nostril can be seen, which is caused by the lack of length of the nose. Structurally, the problem is the result of dysplasia of the nasal bones, nasal septal cartilages, and the nose wing cartilages.

The method of upturned nose surgery is mainly to extend the length of the nasal septal cartilage. The surgery will adopt closed incision method and separate the nasal septal cartilages from the nose wing cartilages. At the same time, the surgeon will remove the cartilage beneath the nasal septal or the auricular cartilages to be the materials to extend the nasal septal cartilages (see figure).

The lateral view shows that the angles between the nose tip-nose wing and upper lip-nose wing is too great. Structurally, the problem is the result of dysplasia of the nasal bones and nasal cartilages.

Some assisting surgeries such as nasal dorsum augmentation surgery or nose tip cartilage transplantation surgery can also increase the length of the nose and reduce the degree of upturned nose.

The treatment of upturned nose is rather difficult, and it is mainly because the skin that usually covers the nose is usually small. Even if the problem of nasal cartilage is corrected, the results will be compromised because of insufficient skin. However, accurate diagnosis and surgical evaluation can still achieve good results.

The above is purely a case description, and the actual situation will vary from person to person.

Dr. Yi-Sheng Kao Director | Plastic Surgery Aesthetic Clinic

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