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After years of practice in the field of professional aesthetic medicine, Dr. Lin continuously attends courses and receives trainings from domestic and foreign medical supplies vendors while keeping on improving her techniques through clinical experiences. She specializes in all kinds of laser treatments, hyaluronic acid injections, botox rejuvenation, facial thread lifting, anti-aging thermage, ulthera and weight control. Through caring and detailed interrogations, she helps each and every one of her patients to establish their own beauty. Coupled with her gifted good touch and trained experiences, she always achieves the highest satisfaction for her patients. Dr. Lin believes that beauty is unique in its own way, and she must understand the needs and qualities of an individual to create the most fitting beauty. She always uses the best and safest medical products to ensure the safety of her patients while helping them to achieve beautifulness.

Personal expertise

All kinds of aesthetic medicine, botox anti-wrinkle rejuvenation, laser skin whitening and spot removal, hyaluronic acid injection, micro-cosmetic surgery, non-surgical liposuction, Korean anti-aging thread lifting, Korea vital injector treatment rejuvenation.

Qualifications and expertise

Qualifications and Experience

  1. Cosmetic surgeon at Taipei City Hospital Renai Branch
  2. Cosmetic surgeon at former ZhiYen Skin Beauty Clinic
  3. Cosmetic surgeon at former Rebecca Cosmetic Center
  4. Cosmetic surgeon at The Pretty Clinic
  5. Cosmetic surgeon at Charm United Institute
  6. Cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Ming Chieh Lin




  1. Certified physician for hyaluronic acid injection
  2. Certified physician for Radiesse
  3. Vendor-certified physician for botox injection
  4. Vendor-certified physician for Sculptra (3D Poly-L-lactic acid)
  5. Certified physician for Thermage THERMACOOL skin-tightening
  6. Vendor-certified physician for ULTRASHAPE ultrasound fat-reduction
  7. Vendor-certified physician for ULTHERAPY ulthera skin-tightening
  8. Certified physician of Korea CONTATC AESTHETIC TRAINING ACADEMY
  9. Vendor-certified physician for Korea vital injector treatment rejuvenation
  10. Vendor-certified physician for 3D Ultra-V lifting
  11. Certified physician for Laser and Intense pulsed light therapy training by Chinese Society of Cosmetic Surgery and Anti-aging Medicine
  12. Member of Chinese Society of Cosmetic Surgery and Anti-aging Medicine
  13. Member of Taiwan Medical Association for the Study of Obesity
  14. Member of v
  15. Member of Taiwan Micro Invasive Aesthetic Society






Dr. Yi-Sheng Kao Director | Plastic Surgery Aesthetic Clinic

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