Hump nose/aquiline nose
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Hump nose/aquiline nose

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Hump nose/aquiline nose Hump nose/aquiline nose
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Hump nose/aquiline nose

The so-called "hump nose" refers to noses with uneven bumps on the nose bridges, coupling with the sagging nose tips, the side-view of the nose would look like "aquiline nose". For more severe cases, some jokingly calls them "witch nose."

In the early days, most people performed rhinoplasty due to numerology/fortune considerations. In recent years, due to the increasing demands for beauty, plastic surgery clinics in South Korea, Japan and other advanced countries alike start establishing rhinoplasty surgeries specially for solving the problem of "hump nose". There are also more and more people who perform nasal plastic surgery for "hump nose" daily.

The common symptoms and problems of "hump nose"

The corrective "hump nose" nasal plastic surgery is a comprehensive reconstruction method that includes the removal of angled protruding bones and cartilage tissues, shortening the nasal path, repairing the nose tip and other steps.

  1. Abnormal nose bridge protrusion
  2. The nose ridge is not straight, and the nose is wide and long
  3. The nose tip is downwardly sagging and looks like an eagle's nose.

The five main steps of correcting the "hump nose"

  1. Redefine the nose bridge height
  2. Remove the hump
  3. Use nasal bone relocation to close the top of the nose bridge
  4. Level the nose bridge line
  5. Adjust the height and proportion of nose tip

Case study of "Hump nose"
Case description: The lady's nasal dorsum is raised with a nose knot. She wanted to correct it through surgery because the words of a fortune teller. The fortune teller said that her nose bridge had a little knot, and the nose looks a bit like a aquiline nose. This kind of person will talk about money all day long. Although she felt that what the fortune teller said wasn't accurate, she was still worried so she decided to make changes through surgery.

The above is purely a case description, and the actual situation will vary from person to person.

The unique nose-sculpturing aesthetics of Dr. Yi-Sheng Kao

People often fall into the myth of asking the surgeons for the exact same noses of a certain celebrity or model after seeing them on TV. They will involuntarily ask the doctor to make the same nose as the same. That is far from the reality. Even for generally acknowledged beauties such as Chi-ling Lin, Ariel Lin or Dee Hsu, does putting their noses on your face make you perfect? I guess "disappointment" is most often the end result because they do not fit your face. I personally think that adjusting the face and the space between eyes and nose to the best proportion is perfect. It's not tall and pointed noses are not good, but if it gets overly tall or pointed it would really look bad. To make adjustments in these details is a test for each plastic surgeon, as of how they make micro adjustments on details based on the conditions of the patients' original foundations. Even if making the nose bridge just a bit taller, the nose tip a bit smaller or a bit more pointed, it will create satisfactory postoperative results.

Dr. Yi-Sheng Kao Director | Plastic Surgery Aesthetic Clinic

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