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Male Breast Reduction

Breast reduction, pectoral muscle shaping
The above is purely a case description, and the actual situation will vary from person to person.

Do not underestimate the effect of breast size on men. Men think that the bigger the woman's breasts are, the more attractive they are. However, if the men's breasts are large, it is quite embarrassing. When men have big breasts, the psychological impacts on them are as much as that of the flat breast women. I once helped a 16-year-old boy to perform a breast reduction surgery under his mother's consent. Originally, I didn't think much about it and the surgery was a complete success. To my surprise, when they came to me for return visit 1 month after the operation, the boy shyly gave me a letter. The 3-page letter thanked me for solving a problem that bothered him for years, and it even mentioned about the ridicule from his peers and that he once considered suicide. Since this incident, I attached great importance to the psychological aspects of adolescents for their plastic surgeries, which would make huge impact for teenagers, and if the physician handles it carelessly, it may have far-reaching consequences for them.

Gynecomastia is actually not a disease but a symptom. With the current advanced medical science and technology, except for other special causes, most of such appearance s can be improved through surgeries, so these men will no longer be bothered by the shape of their breasts, will not hesitate about swimming shirtless, and will lose their self-confidence because of worrying about the ridicules from their friends and strangers. I also believe that after males receive such treatment, they can become more confident and sunny boys.

Do males have breasts too?

The size and the shape of the breasts as well as the breast cancer problem often plague females. When these issues happen to males, does it make it even more difficult to tell others? For the common breast problems of females, they also occur to males although the chance is relatively low. Contrary to the stereotyped impression, many men actually are bothered by their own pair of big breasts, which bring them a great deal of psychological and social pressure. Therefore, breast clinic is no longer solely for women. At present, "gynecomastia" is a common breast issue for males.

The breast structure of men is actually the same as that of women, but female breasts are significantly developed because they are stimulated by female hormones produced by ovaries, adrenal glands and muscle fat. Meanwhile, the sex hormones in male's body are mainly male hormones produced by testosterone. Therefore, the development of male breasts is suppressed and they become degenerated organs. While being a man, but the breasts are bulge and plump like women, and this condition is called gynecomastia.

According to statistics, about 60% of boys in their adolescence experienced breast bulge, and most of them will naturally disappear in two to three years. However, there are still 7% of people whose breast bulges do not disappear after puberty, and that is the real "gynecomastia." There are two types of gynecomastia: one is "pathological gynecomastia", which is induced by some diseases (such as cancer, hypogonadism, cirrhosis and uremia) and drugs, and these pathological factors must be symptomatic treated. The other type is "primary gynecomastia", which is caused by no specific illness, and it needs to be removed by surgery.

For gynecomastia, we adopt the followings:

  1. Removing breast tissue through intra-areola incision: The intra-areola incision has the smallest and the least visible incision of all current breast reduction surgeries, and it is sufficient for treating gynecomastia.
  2. Water-jet assisted liposuction for breast shaping: Since simply removing the male breast tissue sometimes causes depression of the breasts, water-jet assisted liposuction is required to perform a comprehensive sculpturing of its neighboring adipose tissue. In addition, it is also an indispensable weapon for gynecomastia caused by accumulation of male breast fat.
  3. Autologous fat transfer: In some gynecomastia cases, the patients want to become muscular men. They can use the water-jet assisted liposuction and autologous fat transfer to sculpture the chests of a "muscular man."

The liposuction tubes used in the past for autologous fat transfer augmentation were relatively thick. It would seem that the aspiration speed was accelerated, and it was impossible to accurately aspirate the available fat, and the chance of having the fat contact with air was also relatively high during the subsequent centrifugation and backfilling processes. All equipment used by Charm United Institute has been adjusted, and when the diameter of the liposuction tube becomes smaller, it can naturally do its work more accurately. In this way, the efficiency of medical treatment can really be improved, and the risk of postoperative complications can be reduced.

In the case of male chest fat accumulation, use the intra-areola incision surgery to remove breast tissue, and then perform the water-jet assisted liposuction.

The above is purely a case description, and the actual situation will vary from person to person.

Cut open a 2cm incision under the areola and take out 40 to 50 grams of breast tissue and some fat. The chest will become flat 1 week after the surgery.

The above is purely a case description, and the actual situation will vary from person to person.

No eating or drinking within 8 hours before the surgery.

Sleep anesthesia: Local anesthesia must be coupled with deep sedative and hypnotic anesthesia. It will be soothing and painless during the operation.

  1. Is gynecomastia caused by obesity? Will weight loss improves the condition of gynecomastia?
    Statistically, fat people are indeed closely related to gynecomastia, but it occurs to slim people as well Thin men can also have the “female breasts", and it can be on just one breast or both.
    Use your index finger and thumb to lift up the areola, and if the skin thickness is over 2cm or is thicker than the skin under the armpit, it might be the gynecomastia.
    The gynecomastia patients must figure out if it is caused by physiological factors, long-term use of drugs, or other factors..

  2. Is gynecomastia heredity related?
    This symptom is not necessarily related to heredity. It might be induced by physiologically-related hormones or hormonal imbalances in infancy, adolescence, and late adulthood.

  3. How is the effect of the surgery? Will it re-occur?
    If the surgery is performed by an experienced surgeon, only less than 1% of the treated patients may need to undergo another surgery.
    The overall success rate is close to 99%, with extremely low trauma and rapid recovery period.
    There are no serious complications. Like most surgeries, only general wound inflammation or blood clot accumulation would occur, and they are all minor and common conditions that can be resolved with proper care.

  1. Do not ride a motorcycle or drive home after surgery (for patients who received eye or sleep anesthesia).
  2. Avoid strenuous exercise and do not lift heavy objects within two days after operation to avoid blood vessel rupture and swelling.   
  3. Do not remove the bandages or fixing device yourself.   
  4. Apply ice compression on the first 2 days (48 hours) after the surgery, and from the third day on, apply warm compression until the swelling is gone (please pay attention to the temperature of warm compression to avoid burns).   
  5. Take medication on time for 4 times a day (after meals and before sleep). If the pain is severe, take painkillers once every 3 hours.   
  6. Wound care: Use saline solution and cotton swabs to clean the wounds, wipe dry, and then apply the ointment every morning and evening.   
  7. Don't let the wound contact with water within 2 days after the surgery. From the third day on, use clean water to clean the wound. Do not use cleaner within 7 days after surgery to avoid irritation.
  8. Do not smoke, drink alcohol, tea or coffee, or have pepper and other irritating food within a week after the surgery to avoid affecting the postoperative wound from healing.   
  9. No seafood during the first week after the surgery to avoid allergies (except for fresh fishes).


Dr. Yi-Sheng Kao Director | Plastic Surgery Aesthetic Clinic

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