General Introduction of Autologous Fat Transfer
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General Introduction of Autologous Fat Transfer

General Introduction of Autologous Fat Transfer

Autologous fat transfer involves harvesting fat from an individual's body with liposuction, processing of the fat to remove impurities, and reinjection of the purified fat into another body area needing improvement, which is also known as fat filler. Since the fat cells come from the recipient's own body, there is no risk of rejection. The injected fat can survive permanently after reestablishing blood circulation. Traditional fat transfer technique removes only the blood cells from the harvested fat before reinjecting into the body, of which the retention rate is about 50%.

Process of Closed Autologous Fat Transfer

In Charm United Institute, the whole process of autologous fat transfer is kept in a closed system. That is, after extracting the fat from the patient, we use a three-way stopcock to transfer the harvested fat to sterile syringes, and then put the syringes with fat under centrifugation in a sterile setting. A three-way stopcock is used again to filter out the unwanted content (i.e. blood, fluid, and free lipid) and obtain purified fat. Then the purified fat is transferred to the injection syringe with a three-way stopcock for further reinjection. The use of three-way stopcock has minimized the exposure of the fat to the air and thus reduces the risk for infection.

An endoscopic midface lift is performed. By watching the screen showing magnifying images of the internal structure, the surgeon operates through the endoscope using forceps and scissors to make incision and undermine the space between the soft tissues and underlying bones. After carrying out careful subperiosteal separation with taking care not to injure vessels and nerves, 5-tine Endotine Midface is set to anchor the deep end of the soft tissues. By lifting back and fixing the Endotine, the tissues of the midface (fascia, muscles and skin) are elevated to the desired position.
By fixing the Endotine at temporal area, we can perform midface lift combined with forehead lift.
Alternatives are fixing the 5-tine or 3-tine Endotine to the lower orbital rims through cutaneous or transconjunctival incisions to correct nasolabial folds, lift up mouth corners and improve sagging cheeks.

Adequate volume of fat is extracted

During the process of fat extraction, a three-way stopcock is used to transfer the fat into another sterile syringe.

Closed fat centrifuge

The centrifuge is used to separate the fat cells and the unwanted contents into different layers.

The purified fat graft is obtained in completely sterile settings.

After centrifugation, a three-way stopcock is used to eliminate the unwanted contents, such as blood, liquid and free lipid, and transfer the purified fat into another syringe for fat reinjection.

Perfect "S-Face Contour" in Lateral View

Autologous fat transfer has become increasingly popular in plastic surgery in recent years.

Autologous fat transfer is a potential solution for cosmetic purposes to augmenting breasts, forehead, cheeks and temples, rejuvenating eye area and correcting sunken midface and facial asymmetry. It provides significant improvement particularly against the "early signs of aging".

It has been emphasized that autologous fat transfer is a proven solution for improving facial contour and aging signs in addition to its great advantage of long lasting and natural outcome. 80% facial issues can be solved by autologous fat transfer.

What about the remaining 20% facial issues?

How to solve the subtle facial flaws that are troublesome to many people? Nano fat technique can be used to effectively treat the delicate areas of the face such as tear trough, fine lines around the mouth and also under-eye puff and darkness.

Main features of autologous fat transfer procedure performed in Charm United Institute

  1. Conventional liposuction combined with closed fat harvesting technique helps to achieve minimal invasion, lower surgical risk and reduced infection.
  2. Nano fat injection technique: Proprietary Tulip Nano Transfer device, which refines the fat into smaller fat particles, is used to transfer the fat filler over evenly distributed and multilayer injections at the delicate parts needing improvement.
  3. No-trace surgical procedures lead to a high standard of client satisfaction.


Dr. Yi-Sheng Kao Director | Plastic Surgery Aesthetic Clinic

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