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3D design nose-sculpturing surgery

3D design nose-sculpturing surgery

To make the rhinoplasty surgery more perfect, Dr. Yi-Sheng Kao introduced the 3D printing technology into the process of rhinoplasty surgery. It can accurately simulate the nasal status before the surgery and shorten the operation time. Through preoperative 3D imaging simulation and 3D computerized tomography, consumers can have better ideas about the postoperative results. Dr. Yi-Sheng Kao believes that facial features are in 3D structure, and simply pursuing long and prominent nose no longer meets the trend of modern aesthetics. The most important thing is the facial features being harmonious and natural." The nasal shape should not only look natural, but also look beautiful and elegant "Through the latest 3D printing technology, we not only pursue perfect postoperative results for rhinoplasty surgeries, but also pursue "the art of balance." Realizing the coordination of nose and face through the overall designing is the real aesthetic of natural nose.

In the past, during the rhinoplasty (nose-sculpturing) surgeries, physicians would choose fixed models of artificial nasal bones that are made of silicone or Gortex by the manufacturer and close to the length of patients' noses, sculpture them, and implant them into the nasal dorsum of the patients. However, such implants can never fully fit the surface of nasal bones and cartilage of human, and that is what leads to the subsequent issues of displaced or skewed artificial nasal bones. The 3D design nose-sculpturing surgery aims to create customized artificial nasal bone that can completely fit the patient's nasal bone and cartilage and solve the issues of problem of displaced or skewed artificial nasal bones entirely. At the moment, this method can only be used to increase the height of the nasal dorsum. As for the nasal tip, we still need to use the autologous tissues of the patient to extend the nasal septum and use autologous cartilage to sculpture the nose tip.

The 3D printing nose-sculpturing surgery is the most advanced technology at present. The surgeon would combine computer tomography with computer 3D simulation. The 3D printing rhinoplasty uses bio-grade materials compatible with human tissues to produce rhinoplasty implants using 3D printing through high-tech and personalized design in accordance with the personal facial conditions. The whole process adopts aseptic operation, and the postoperative results will be more natural as well as more harmonious to the patient's temperament and facial features, thereby making very suitable for perfectionist.

The "Advantages" of 3D design nose-sculpturing surgery

(1) Adopts multiple methods of preoperative simulation - the most effective communication tool between consumers and surgeons for surgeries

The consumers can understand their own postoperative status through the computer simulation during the consultation

Simulate the models and appearance of patient's facial bones by using facial CT scan and the 3D software

Playback of simulation video

Simulate the postoperative nasal shapes of different nasal heights using the 3D simulation system, and then select the height after discussing with the surgeon

The computer engineer makes nose model after the customer selects the height

Afterward, the computer engineer can make the so-called "female mould" (about two weeks).
During the operation, the surgeon can infuse the cement into the "female mould" to create a customized artificial bone model.

(2) Completely fit the patient's nasal bone and cartilage and solve the issues of problem of displaced or skewed artificial nasal bones entirely


The above is purely a case description, and the actual situation will vary from person to person.

From the preoperative and postoperative photos of the patient, we can clearly see the difference after the surgery. The depression between the eyebrow and the nose is significantly improved after the surgery, and it is the advantage of 3D design nose-sculpturing surgery.



Dr. Yi-Sheng Kao Director | Plastic Surgery Aesthetic Clinic

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