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Medical philosophy

Aesthetic Medicine

The eyes are the most effective and direct flirting tools. By staring at the other person in the eyes and putting on a sweet smile, the telling eyes of yours can say more than a hundred words. The eyes occupy the most dazzling position in the facial aesthetics, but the nose plays the key role in the facial aesthetics. If one does not have a nose of fitting shape under her charming eyes, she just won't look that beautiful. Therefore, I pay special attention in studying ocular and rhinoplasty surgeries to understand the subtle changes each surgery makes to the facial features in my pursuit of perfect post-operative results.

Heritage of Skills

From the standpoint of a plastic surgeon, how to lead the new trend of beauty by means of surgery and create highly beautiful faces for my customers, and how to make someone who is already beautiful even more beautiful is the main reason we established the Charm United Institute. In the future, Charm United will consider cultivating plastic surgeons as our responsibility, teaching the young plastic surgeon all our knowledge and thereby reducing errors made by young doctors in the learning process. We hope that “Charm United Institute” will become the representative words for plastic surgery.

The art of rhinoplasty

In the past, plastic surgery represents healing and efficacy, giving people a rigid impression. However, when a surgery is used to make someone beautiful, it actually becomes an art. We integrate the plastic surgery into the concept of aesthetics, creating beauty in every cut and every stitch in each operation, and, to us, that is the essence of plastic surgery. I personally changed the rhinoplasty surgery from 2007 on and collectively referred them to as "nose-sculpturing surgery." On the one hand, it was to emphasize that the sculpturing of nose is precise and meticulous, and it can do a lot more than what a simple rhinoplasty can. On the other hand, it was to emphasize that the final result of a plastic surgery lays largely on the surgeon's skill, and only very experienced plastic surgeons can do an excellent job.

The facial features are of three-dimensional structure. Simply pursuing high-bridged and straight bridge no longer meets the trend of modern aesthetics. The most important thing for the facial features now is the being harmonious and natural. I personally insist on the pursuit of the "balanced art". Only through the realization of harmonious nose and face, the real aesthetics of natural nose-sculpturing can be achieved.

Facial appearance and income

According to a report in the Business Weekly, the difference of incomes between a good-looking person and a bad-looking person is as high as 14%.

Dr. Yi-Sheng Kao Director | Plastic Surgery Aesthetic Clinic

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