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Building an excellently comprehensive maxillofacial surgical team is a long and difficult process. It is an effusive and maudlin endeavor. A fabulous and superb result is the outcome of numerous professional achievements and accomplishments. We may or may not have spoken his appreciations for his team but with gratitude he likes to make a tribute to all the successes his team has achieved.For the excellence of his team, the quality cares and services demonstrate above international standards.

A team leader’s job is not an easy one. Any titles could not construe the dedication in communicative coordination and hard work Dr. Kao and Dr. Hsieh represents. Each member of our team is the elite of all professional standards in his or her specialty. The excellent ones of the best all have their own principles and stances. It’s an art to coordinate and transform all these principles and stances into a mutual consensus among the team. Such consensus propels each accomplished outcome for every single maxillofacial surgery patient through consultation, examination, tests, anesthesia, surgery, return check-up, reconstruction, aesthetic dentistry, graduate, and long-term follow up. These kinds of achievements are the best demonstration of the team’s professionalism and its unspoken and mutual understandings.


When Jay Chou meets Fan, Wen Shan-the song writer, they become the perfect team.



Doctors with Charm Aesthetic Surgery Clinic

Dr. Kao, Yi Sheng Dr. Kao, Yi Sheng
Director, Charm Cosmetic United Institute
.Bachelor of Medicine, National Yang Ming University
.Contracted doctor, Division of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Taipei Veteran General Hospital
.Former Chief of Division of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Taipei Veteran General Hospital, Hsinchu Branch
.Former medical specialist, Division of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Taipei Veteran General Hospital
.Clinical Researcher, Loma Linda University Medical Center, USA
.Clinical Researcher, Huntington Memorial Hospital, USA

Dr. Hsieh Ming Ji Dr. Hsieh Ming Ji
Director, Center of Orthognathic and Cosmetic Facial Surgery
.Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon
.Facial Plastic and Reconstruction Surgeon
.The American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Member
.Taiwan Society of Sleep Medicine
.Cleft Palate-Craniofacial Association Member
.Former Visiting Staff at Wan Fan Hospital
Dr. Lin Jin-Teh Dr. Lin Jin-Teh
Plastic Surgeon
.Graduated from Medicine Department, National Yang Ming University
.Former attending physician, Division of Plastic Surgery, Taipei Veterans General Hospital
.Former Director, Burn Center, Taipei Veterans General Hospital
.Contract Doctor, Division of Plastic Surgery, Taipei Veterans General Hospital
.Reconstructive and Plastic Surgeon certified by the Department of Health, R.O.C. 
.ISAPS member
.Member of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgical Association, R.O.C.
.Member of Taiwan Society of Plastic Surgery
.USCF clinical researcher, USA 
.Clinical Researcher, Davies Medical Center, USA
Dr. Lin Ming-Chieh Dr. Lin Ming-Chieh
Doctor of Aesthetic Medicine
.Former physician, Taipei City Hospital Renai Branch
.Former physician, Zhi Yan Skin Beauty Clinic
.Physician certified by the original manufacturer of hyaluronic acid injections
.Physician certified by the original manufacturer of Botox injections
.ThermoCool Physician certified by Thermage
.Physician certified by UltraShape for targeted vibrating liposuction 
.Qualified physician for laser and intense pulsed light treatment, Chinese Society of Cosmetic Surgery and Anti-aging Medicine 
.Member of Chinese Society of Cosmetic Surgery and Anti-aging Medicine
.Member of Taiwan Medical Association for the Study of Obesity
.Member of Laser and Photonics Society of the ROC 
.Member of Taiwan Micro Invasive Aesthetic Society 
Dr. Hsu Cheng-Hsiang Dr. Hsu Cheng-Hsiang
DDS. & MS.
.Director and Doctor of Dental Surgery, Dental Department, En Chu Kong Hospital
.Standing Director, Taiwan Academy of Osseointegration
.Chairman of Academic Affairs, Taiwan Academy of Osseointegration
.General Director, Surgeon Training Courses, Taiwan Academy of Osseointegration
.Surgeon Review and Selection Commissioner (Examiner), Taiwan Academy of Osseointegration
.Surgeon of Taiwan Academy of Osseointegration
.Former assistant secretary general, Taipei Congress of Oral Implantologists
.Surgeon of Periodontology, Taiwan 
.Member of American Academy of Periodontology 
.Member of European Association of Osseointegration
.Seed teacher for Periodontitis Care Plan, National Health Insurance Bureau 
.Teacher’s assistant, Department of Dentistry, National Defense Medical Center
.Surgeon of Periodontitis and Implant Dentistry, Tri-Service General Hospital
.Lecturer, New Taipei City Dental Association
.Co-author of “Comprehensive Perspectives of Dental Implant and Periodontal Disease”
.1st place, Written and Oral Selection Test of Periodontal Surgeon, R.O.C.
.1st place of Surgeon Selection Test, commissioned training by the Department of Health
.First surgeon giving case demonstration report, Taiwan Academy of Periodontology 
.Bachelor, Department of Dentistry, Taipei Medical University 
.Master, Graduate Institute of Periodontology, National Defense Medical Center
.Advanced study of Periodontology and Dental Implant, University of Michigan, USA
.Completion of Geriatric Dentistry Training Course, the Department of Health
Dr. Ming Wei Wei Dr. Ming Wei Wei
Craniofacial orthodontic specialist
.Damon system braces lecturer in Taiwan
.Department of Health approved orthodontic specialist
.Orthodontic specialist in the Taiwan Association of Orthodontist
.Master's degree in Orthodontics at Kaohsiung Medical University
.Clinical assistant in Orthodontics at Kaosiung Medical University
.Bachelor's degree in Dentistry from Kaosiung Medical University
.Residency in orthodontics at Beethoven Orthodontics
.Residency in Newton's Implants Dental Clinic
.Certificate in digital clear aligner – Invisalign-(Invisalign)
.Specialist in International Association for Orthodontists & Implantologists (iAOI)
Dr. Tsai, Ming Shi Dr. Tsai, Ming Shi
Craniofacial Orthodontist
.Taipei Medical University Bachelor of Dentistry
.Wan Fan Medical Center Orthodontic Training Institute Lecturer
.Wan Fan Medical Center Department of Orthodontic Visiting Staff
.Taipei Medical University Department of Dentistry Clinical Lecturer
.Orthodontist of the Taiwan Orthodontic Society
.Dentist of the Association of Family Dental of the Republic of China
.Member of Taiwan Orthodontic Society
Dr. Huang, Hsiao Ling Dr. Huang, Hsiao Ling
Aesthetic and Reconstructive Dentist
.Former Dentist of the Taipei Veterans General Hospital
.Member of the Association for Dental Science of the Republic of China
.Member of the Association of Family Dental of the Republic of China
.Aesthetic and Reconstructive Dentist
Dr. Hou Ren Jiang Dr. Hou Ren Jiang
Oral Maxillofacial Specialist
.Oral Maxillofacial Specialist in Republic of China
.Temporomandibular joint and orthognathic surgery specialist at Charm Aesthetic Surgery Clinic
.Part-time Physician in the Orthodontic Department of Wanfang Medical Centre
.Institute of Oral Maxillofacial Surgery, Taipei Medical University
.Residency in the department of Oral Maxillofacial Surgery at Wan Fang Medical Center
.Residency in the department of Oral Maxillofacial Surgery at Chi Mei Medical Center
.General surgeon in the department of Oral Maxillofacial Surgery at Chi Mei Medical Center







Dr. Yi-Sheng Kao Director | Plastic Surgery Aesthetic Clinic

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