Save your flat breasts! Give your breast a chance for re-development
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Save your flat breasts! Give your breast a chance for re-development

Save your flat breasts! Give your breast a chance for re-development

A safe and effective breast augmentation options: 【Autologous fat transfer】

The breast has always been the sexiest body part for females. The sizes and shapes of the breasts are related to a person's genetic, nutritional, developmental and aging conditions. Once the developmental phase has passed, the size of the breasts is unlikely to grow substantially. In addition, the breasts also have important function of breastfeeding. For many women, after their breasts went through the rapid expansion and recession periods of breastfeeding, their breasts likely would lose their original firmness and elasticity, resulting in flat upper breasts and sagging lower breasts, so many women lose their sexy body curves as well as their self-confidence.

The advantages of choosing autologous fat transfer breast enhancement surgery:

(1)It feels natural and soft.
(2)It shapes the curve and enhances the cup size at the same time.
(3)It is the best choice of solving the unideal breast shapes such as asymmetrical breasts, breasts in different sizes, no upper breasts, or sagging breast issue due to pregnancy, as the implants of this method can be tailor-made based on the patient's condition.


"Fully enclosed" autologous fat transfer breast enhancement surgery

[Key to autologous fat transfer] Purification is the key to fat survival

Dr. Steve Cohen, a well-known U.S. plastic surgeon, pointed out that the long-term survival of fat depends on the handling process of fat and the degree of fat purification. Therefore, special care should be taken in the handling process because broken oil slicks and bloody water will have a negative impact on the fat and even exacerbate inflammation. In the past, most of the traditional autologous fat transfer breast augmentations used centrifugation and conventional stationary methods to remove the impurities and bloody water in the fat. The centrifugation method is the most widely used method on the market. Although the centrifuge can separate oil slicks and bloody water, it cannot filter out the oil completely. The centrifugal force itself will cause the fat globule to burst and release more slicks, so the effect is not good. Fats that are processed through traditional fat separation methods contain large amounts of water and impurities, so some low-cost autologous fat transfer surgeries would use the most cost-saving and labor-saving methods. The fats are exposed to air during this process, resulting in extremely poor fat quality and increasing postoperative problems such as infection.

How to improve the effects of autologous fat transfer breast augmentation surgery

【Three Steps to Purify Fat】 fat collection, fat purification, fat shaping

Puregraft adopts the US patented double-layer filter dialysis technology to fully purify the impurities in the fat. The purification process does not destroy the fat, and the fat purification rate is as high as 99%. After the purification, the fat shows a golden color with a complete structure, looking like gold pearls. A single purification can handle up to 250c.c. of fat, and the purification time is only 15 minutes. Due to the fineness of the retained fat, the rate of fat purification was significantly increased after being backfilled into the body, bringing good results to the surgery.

The key to the success of autologous fat transfer – professionalism and matured technology, which are the advantages of Charm United Institute team:

1. The surgery is performed by the group of professional and experienced plastic surgeons who have extensive experiences in surgery and can create perfect breast shapes according to the circumstances of each case. The quality of postoperative results is guaranteed.
2. The surgery does not only emphasize on increase of cup size, but also aim to improve the situations such as "asymmetric breasts, breasts in different sizes, and no upper breasts" in a customized method, so you can also become much sexier.
3. We use dust-proof, sterile and positive-pressure operating room with high-standard specifications that exceed the dust-free index of the general operating room. The entire operation will be performed with the participation of an anesthesiologists who use the advanced "Target Controlled Infusion (TCI) Intravenous Anesthesia" to tailor an anesthesia procedure specially for the patients, making the surgery safe and protected.

Surgical procedure for autologous fat transfer breast augmentation:

1.Preoperative consultation

Preoperative consultations are provided by professional physicians. Physicians will inform the patients of the related matters of autologous fat transfer, including surgery notes and postoperative care.

2.Blood test

A blood test service is provided by a qualified inspection laboratory to assess whether the patient's condition is suitable for surgery.

3.Body and body fat measurement

Measure the size of the liposuction site before surgery as well as the body fat of each part for surgical evaluation.

4.Breast MRI

Cooperate with Taipei Medical University Hospital, a major medical center, to provide preoperative breast MRI analysis and detection to ensure the breast health.

5.Line marking

The surgeon will mark lines at the surgical site to provide an accurate reference prior to the operation.

6.Aspirating the excess fat

Aspirate excess fats from parts such as thighs, buttocks and legs and use them for fat purification.

7.Purify the fat and aseptic filling

Collect the purified fats and fill them aseptically into syringes, so they are ready to be filled into the breasts.

8.Fill the fat into the breast

Inject the fat into the breasts. Depending on personal circumstances, each surgery can increase the cup size by about 1 to 2 sizes. Make return visit one week after the operation.

【Autologous fat transfer breast augmentation surgery】 Successful case study

Being plump and curvy is no longer a dream. Complete makeover of a flat-breast girl

The above is purely a case description, and the actual situation will vary from person to person.

Recovery and effective periods for autologous fat transfer breast augmentation

  1. The bruising will disappear 1 to 2 weeks after the liposuction surgery, and the dropsy will be gone after 1 to 2 months.
  2. If a small change appears in the first month after the autologous fat transfer breast augmentation, it means the surgery was successful. Only after 6 to 12 months the full effects (or lack thereof) of the surgery can be seen.
  3. The fat cells may gradually become bigger due to their survival after maybe 3 to 6 months.
  4. If a second surgery is considered to have a bigger breast, it can be performed 3 to 6 months later.

Autologous fat transfer breast augmentation surgery notes/postoperative care

  1. The recovery of autologous fat transfer breast augmentation surgery is fast. After the nursing staffs help the patient to wipe her body, apply dressing, and wear compression garments, the patient will rest on the bed for 1 hour. If the patient does not vomit or feel any discomfort, she can start to eat. The patient needs to be accompanied by someone after the operation. Do not ride motorcycle or drive home by oneself.
  2. Dizziness and vomiting may occur for female patients who have poor physical strength, had a large area of liposuction, or have poor adaptability toward narcotic drugs, and such symptoms may be relieved after some rest on the bed. Getting up, standing up or even walking will intensify the symptoms, and the patient must pay attention to "orthostatic hypotension."
  3. The patient may go home after resting for two hours after the operation. Use phone calls and for postoperative follow-up.
  4. After the autologous fat transfer breast augmentation surgery, make return visit every day during the first three days. Make another return visit after 1 week and then follow the physician's instructions afterward.
  5. Drink plenty of water and rest a lot. Take medication on time. Have antibiotics 4 times a day (after meals and before sleeping) for 1 week. If there is any pain and discomfort, stop taking the painkillers.
  6. Take good care of implanted fat. Do not wear bras or massage the breasts within 1 month after surgery. Avoid all movements that will press or hit the breasts. Do not wear bras that are with steel wire, too small or too tight. Do not wear your current bras. Preferably, do not wear any bra within 1 month, and the condition will become stable after two months.
  7. Wound care: Use saline solution and cotton swabs to clean the wounds, wipe dry, and then apply the ointment every morning and evening.
  8. If there is inflammation, remove it immediately.
  9. The fat-injection area or fat-aspiration area will be sutured, and the stitches can be removed after 7 days.
  10. Wear compression pant for at least 1 month, and then decide whether to continue wearing it according to the degree of improvement.
  11. Do not lift heavy objects or engage in heavy manual labour, so as to prevent the great pectoral muscles from pressing the breast cells. Do not sleep on the stomach or on the side.
  12. Do not drink alcohol, smoke, and eat irritating foods such as tea or coffee for at least one week after surgery. Stop smoking for at least two weeks as nicotine can cause vasoconstriction. Stop taking steroids for as long as 2 months.

Dr. Yi-Sheng Kao Director | Plastic Surgery Aesthetic Clinic

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