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Nose-sculpturing surgery
Golden nasal shape ratio
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Golden nasal shape ratio Golden nasal shape ratio
What's “Nose-sculpturing” surgery What's “Nose-sculpturing” surgery
5 steps of nose-sculpturing surgery 5 steps of nose-sculpturing surgery
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The "nose" is the outlet of the upper respiratory tract, responsible for the exchange and filtration of air as well as determining the smell. It is located at the middle of our facial features and considered the most prominent part of all facial features. Usually when we talk to others, the eyes of the two parties often stay between the eyes and mouth, so it can be imagined that the nose is often the most representative of personal characteristics of all facial features, and it also impacts of the overall image of the face. Freud even thinks that the nose is strongly related to mind and emotion.

In addition, in the Physiognomy, the nose belongs to the Wealth Palace, which symbolizes the strengths and weaknesses of financial resources and wealth, and the shape of nose wing affects the money opportunity of a person. In ancient India, the nose had always been considered an organ of honor and prestige, so more and more people are seeking to make a "tailored" nose that suits them.

So, what kind of nose is a perfect nose? There are many kinds of modern nose plastic surgeries, and there are a variety of opinions for these surgeries on the internet and magazine advertisements. The noses of many celebrities are also used as examples of perfect noses, but have you ever wondered why these people's noses are considered perfect noses? What is the ratio of a perfect nose?

I will explain further separately below:

Eyes and nose should each occupy an appropriate proportion. The ratio of the so-called "relatively ideal nasal shape" in the textbooks is generally about 1/3 of the face length from the glabella to the base of the nasal column. In addition, the length of the nose should be the same as the length from the midline of the mouth to the chin, and the width of the nose wings on two sides of the nose must be 1/5 of the width of the face, and the width of the eyes should be the same as the width of the nose.




While we look at a person from the side (90 degrees), the lowest point of the nasal dorsum should be located at the height of the pupil to the double eyelid. The lowest point should be 0.7 to 1cm away from the corneal section. The ratio of the distance from the lowest point to the nose tip and from the nose tip to the base of the nose wing should be 1:0.67. From the side, we do want to see the nasal column, but we do not want to see too much nasal column. It is best to see the long axis of the nostrils from the side, seeing roughly half of the nostril.

From the front, in addition to the principle of three horizontal and five vertical divisions, the width of the nose wing should basically be within the distance of nasal angle of the eyes. Otherwise, the patient should either consider repairing the nose wings or performing medial canthoplasty. The nostrils should be between 0.6 and 1.0 cm in the reflection of light. Looking at the nostrils from below, the ratio of the nostrils and the nose tip should be 2:1, and the nostrils should look like water droplets sloping outwards.

To sum up all the above conditions for a perfect nasal shape, although surgeries can achieve these proportions as much as possible, creating a perfect nose is not as simple as using a model. In fact, when we evaluate the appearance of the nose, we often have to consider the other parts of the face for an overall feeling. Therefore, there is no "absolute" nasal plastic surgery. Nasal plastic surgery can promote the harmony and symmetry of the entire face, and each person will have nasal shapes that fit their facial characteristics. Discussion with the doctor should be made before the operation, and let the professional plastic surgeon take the skin type, age, and whether or not there was a previous nasal plastic surgery into consideration, then he will create a perfect nose for you.




Ideal golden ratio


The radix is located between two eyes and the lowest point of the nose. Its ideal position is 4-6mm above the eyelashes of upper eyelid, and 7-11mm above the eyeball cutting plane when viewed from the side

The curve of nasal dorsum is straight for males and concave for females.

Viewed from the side, the height of the nose is the distance from the nose tip to the nose wing. The length of the nose is the distance from the radix to the nose tip. The ideal ratio is that 2/3 of the length of the nose is the height of the nose. On the other hand, the angle between the nose and the face is 36 degrees for males and 34 degrees for females.

The width of the nose wing should be less than the distance of the nasal angle of the eyes. If it is too large, it is necessary to perform surgery to reduce the nasal bone and wing.

There is also an ideal ratio of 3:1 between the nostrils and the nose tip, otherwise there will be problems with insufficient nose tip or overly-large nostrils.

The angle of the nose tip is also very important. Usually it is 100 degrees for males and 105 degrees for females. If the angle is too large, it will result in upturned nose, and if the angle is too small, it will result in aquiline nose (see figure). The solution is to increase the angle by implanting cartilages into the nasal column or to reduce the angle by implanting cartilages into the nasal septum.

Dr. Yi-Sheng Kao Director | Plastic Surgery Aesthetic Clinic

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