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Anatomical silicone gel breast implants

Anatomical silicone gel breast implants

The breasts should present a more confident figure of a woman. With different postures, they should show naturally changing beautiful curves and demonstrate breast shape that is even more charming.

The shape of the anatomical silicone gel is flat at top and rounded at bottom, and it is currently the most ergonomic design for Asian. It can avoid the problem that the upper side of the breast is too arched and too fake. By adopting the drop-shaped design, its upper part is thinner and lower part is wider, suitable for Asian who are typically with slimmer figure and narrower breast shape. It creates a natural breast that has smooth slope on the upper breast and a firm, rounded and plump lower breast. There is no need for massage after the surgery, which can eliminate the pain of postoperative massages. The infill of the anatomical silicone gel is the more viscous and easily shaped silicone gel, the hand feel of which is like the gummy bear. The silicone gel has certain stiffness and is less likely to collapse when standing, and it is also less likely to wavy folds (commonly known as rippling) after breast augmentation. Whether a patient is bothered by her breast size, different shapes for both breasts, innate development, or even the shape change due to breastfeeding, it is possible to rebuild the breast shape that makes the patient confident by using the anatomical silicone gel breast implant surgery.

There are three major types of breast augmentation materials, including saline solution filled breast implant, silicone gel breast implant (cohesive silicone gel breast implant) and autologous fat transfer breast augmentation. When the anatomical silicone gel breast implant (also known as the 410 implant) was first introduced in 1989, it was used for breast cancer reconstruction and butt implant. After a long period of experimental research, it was finally approved by the U.S. FDA in February 2013 for market use. The anatomical silicone gel can improve the rippling issue easily caused by the original round silicone gel breast implant, and it is the safest among all silicone gel implants in the market.

  1. With the new generation of highly cohesive silicone gel infill that is slightly harder than the traditional silicone gel, it can maintain a fixed shape, is not easy to break, and is firmer with a hand feel like a gummy bear.
  2. Created in accordance with the golden ratio of breast shape. The postoperative breast shape is even more natural.
  3. No massage is needed after the surgery, and hand feel would gradually become natural after 3 to 6 months.
  4. It is easier to merge with autologous tissue and is unlikely to form a capsule.

A breast that can be tailor-made and with a 3-dimensional design that is even more ergonomic, it is designed specifically for the body types of Asian. The traditional round silicone gel breast implants only have two parameters: diameter and height (convexity), whereas the anatomical silicone gel breast implants have the two axes of length and width plus the convexity. The 3-dimensional parameter design offers different models to adapt to different breast types and different needs, so as to create a perfect breast shape for the patient.

FM model:
highest height, moderate convexity.

MM model:
moderate height, moderate convexity.

MF model
moderate height, but the highest convexity

The above is purely a case description, and the actual situation will vary from person to person.

In this case study, in addition to having a small cup size (A-), the patient also had the issue of having asymmetric breasts (one is higher and the other one is lower). After the operation, not only the cup size is enhanced, but the problem of asymmetric breast is also solved. The overall breast shape is firm, plump and beautiful like a water-drop.

Dr. Yi-Sheng Kao Director | Plastic Surgery Aesthetic Clinic

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