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Textured Silicone Gel Implants

Evolution of Breast Implants

  1. Saline implants: Saline implants are traditional implants that are being less used nowadays.
  2. Regular silicone implants: Regular silicone implants are being less used nowadays due to high rupture rate and its connection to ill health.
  3. Silicone gel implants: Silicone gel implants containing highly cohesive gelatin-like silicone gel are the most commonly used material for breast augmentation and are considered safer.
  4. Textured silicone gel implants have lower incidence of implant displacement and capsular contracture compared to smooth breast implants. ‘Peach’is used to describe the beauty of female breast, and that is the reason we compare textured silicon to ‘peach jelly’.
  5. Teardrop implants: Textured silicone gel implants shaped with a sloped contour that fills out more at the bottom than the top give a more natural-looking breast.

Smooth vs Textured

After many years of research and development, in 2000 FDA approved the marketing of new style cohesive silicone gel-filled implants manufactured by two companies in USA. Silicone gel implants can be divided into two types: smooth and textured.



What are silicone gel implants?

There are various types of breast implants, such as regular silicone implants, saline implants and the most recent "silicone gel implants". What are the differences?

Silicone gel implants filled with innovative cohesive polymer retain their shape despite pressure applied. This characteristic allows the silicone gel implants reserve the merits of soft feel and natural look as in regular silicone implants. On the other hand, the cohesive gel content in the silicone gel implants stays in place if the implant is ruptured and does not migrate or react with human body tissues as could happen with regular silicone implant. Therefore silicone gel implants are considered much safer than the regular silicone implants.

Golden Ratio of Female Breasts

  1. The ideal distance between suprasternal notch and nipple (SSN:N) is 19-21 cm.
  2. The ideal distance between nipple to midline is 9-11 cm.
  3. The ideal distance between two nipples (N:N) is 18-22 cm.
  4. The ideal distance between nipple to inframammary fold is 7-8 cm.

Perfect breasts are with the nipples located at the two base angles of an equilateral triangle of which the apex at the suprasternal notch (SSN:N = N:N = SSN:N).

6 Major Advantages of Endoscopic Breast Augmentation




Precautions for one week prior to the surgery

  1. No smoking prior to the surgery because smoking causes vascular contraction and reduce blood supply to the skin and thereby affecting the healing of the incisions.
  2. Eat more fruits and vegetables to absorb cellulose and vitamin C, which can increase the ability of wound healing.
  3. Stop taking Aspirin and painkillers which contain Ibuprofen to avoid the postoperative bleeding issues.
  4. Limit the intake of vitamin E to under 200 mg per day to reduce postoperative bleeding issues.
  5. Control blood pressure and blood sugar: The operation must be performed under the condition of good and stable blood pressure and blood sugar.

The day before the surgery

  1. The nurse of our clinic will call you to re-confirm the operation time.
  2. Start fasting (including water) 6-8 hours before the surgery.

On the day of surgery

  1. Please wear loose clothing. It is best to wear front-button clothing.
  2. Do not carry valuable items such as rings or necklaces.
  3. Please arrive at our clinic at least half an hour before the scheduled time of surgery.

Postoperative instructions

  1. No need to stay overnight in the hospital after the operation.
  2. Depends on the recovery process, massage after 7-10 days.
  3. Shower is allowed the day after the operation. Avoid having a bath before sutures are removed.
  4. Avoid irritating foods such as cigarettes, tea, coffee or chili peppers
  5. Do not wear underwire bra after the operation. Please consult the doctor.
  6. It is normal to have different shape or size of two sides of breast in the first few months after the surgery, since the swelling will diminish with different speed. The shape will be stable and constant in 3-6 months.


Dr. Yi-Sheng Kao Director | Plastic Surgery Aesthetic Clinic

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